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Q. Do I need to lose weight before I begin to lift weights?

A. Well, my fitness friend, absolutely not!
Weight training helps increase your metabolism; therefore, doing an aerobic activity along with weight training will aid in the burning of calories, and will help to burn body fat more efficiently. Start one step at a time, learn good form for safety, and do not wait if you want to lose body fat quicker. Go for it, good luck, and check out my weekly strength training routines.

Q I am a woman who has always wanted to use weights but was told that if I do I will bulk up. Is this True?

A. I hear this from women all the time, and I am happy to say that you are safe. You will not bulk up. There are some women who have more testosterone (male hormones) than other women, and they do have a tendency to increase muscle size faster than others. If you do weight training, it is very unlikely that you will bulk up like a competitive bodybuilder. Hope this puts your mind at ease. Just go for it!