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Why donít diets work?

  • Quick fix diets will not waste away anything, except your pocket book.
  • Fad diets are unsafe, and some can even be life threatening.
  • Diets never get to the root of why you are overeating.

Why Diet Riot  is Different!

  • We call our membership site Diet Freedom.  Because unlike diet sites that offer strict meal plans that they choose for you, Diet Freedom breaks away from this old practice. We designed Diet Freedom so that each individual can choose what they want to eat. 
    Now that's Freedom

Lets face it going on the latest diet simply wonít work. What most diets do is starve you to lose weight and that is not a long term solution. We are not about a diet, we are about living an enjoyable healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. What we have done is to study what people do to live a healthy life. We used these people as role models. Do you really want to follow a diet for the rest of your life or a role model who is living the lifestyle? If you are still not convinced here are close to 300 diets that you can try first, but we donít recommend it. 

Diet Freedom membership integrates Nutrition, Fitness, goal setting, and support into a successful and fun site using a non-diet approach.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Diet Freedom Interactive site: Use your personal online journal to track nutrition, fitness, and more.
  • Access to trusted nutritional and fitness information from quality sources. No false information will ever be presented.
  • Searchable USDA database to track all nutritional goals and quickly report nutritional values.
  • Collection of interactive meal ideas each with healthy amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other important nutrients.
  • View convenient and quick recipes. Each recipe displays preparation time and nutrient values.
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