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There's no shortcut to losing weight.
But the truth is simple.

If someone told you they had a great get-rich-quick scheme would you invest in it?  Hopefully not. However, as most people are opposed to get-rich-quick schemes, they are not to quick fix fad diets. Yet, both get-rich-quick schemes and fad diets are easy to find. This is because they are both about the same thing, trying to find a quick and easy secret to replace a slow and difficult truth.

  The way to becoming rich is to save and invest. The way to becoming healthy is to eat healthier and exercise. Entire industries have grown up offering expensive and ineffective alternatives to the endless torrent of people trying to deny the obvious: The stuff that works isn't a secret.

   The truth, however, can be shouted over and over again, and still can have no impact if people don't want to hear it. To save money, you have to discipline your spending. To lose weight and be healthy, you need to have balanced nutrition and exercise. And the results build up over time, not overnight. In a country where instant is too slow, this is not a popular message. We want to have our cake and eat it too, and we want results now! Pfen-fen and diet supplements aren't good for your body or your bank account, but they've been popular because they tell people what they want to hear.

   At DietRiot we do not offer instant gratification. We haven't got any. Our job is to tell you the truth in a humorous way. If you want to be healthy; eat better, exercise, and find out why you are overeating to begin with! It may not be what you wanted to hear, but it works. If you still need something instant, try oatmeal.

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