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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Interactive Meal Ideas
It is all about Choices

A common question that we always get is " why sample meal ideas?" Since most of us cannot stay on meal- plan type diets for a long period of time, why do you offer them? Well, our Marketing Department did research with a focus group and found out these interesting facts about dieters who were placed on meal-plan-type diets.

  • A small percentage of dieters did like structure; however, it was hard for most dieters to follow a rigid meal plan without variations.
  • Most dieters followed these plans for a short period of time, and then went right back to their original eating patterns.
  • The meal- plan- type diets did not include all the foods that the dieters liked to eat and lack spontaneity.
  • The focus group wanted choices, and they did not like the idea of someone telling them what, or how much, that they should eat.

From this research we designed sample meal ideas that are easy and interchangeable. At Diet Freedom we wanted our members to implement all of their favorite foods into their eating program; yet have samples to follow if they needed some structure. We developed sample meal ideas with the proper amount of calories and PCF ratios. The ideas are entirely optional, and are not mandatory for the success of this weight loss program.