Have Diets Failed You?

Diets do not teach us how to change our lifestyles. This is why people cannot maintain their weight loss once it has occurs. Diets teach deprivation or the eating of specialty type diet foods, and because of this, we cannot possibly stay on it. How realistic is it to believe that we can stay on grapefruit for the rest of our lives? When we deprive ourselves of the foods that we like, we crave them even more!

Dieting and restricting our bodies of proper nutrition will affect our metabolism. After all, our bodies will not let us starve. Eating less food actually makes it really hard to lose weight. Our bodies will hold onto the weight to survive. The metabolic rate will slow down, and our bodies will store any incoming fat in our fat cells to make sure there is a reserve for the next time you go on a starvation diet. So basically, it stores your fat to be used at a later time. Therefore, the moral of this paragraph is, the problem of gaining weight gets worse with every diet that you go on, and you will probably weigh much more than before you started the diet.

Weight and Sneakers